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Back in early 2021 I thought to myself, if I ever start doing NFTs it has to be some kind of playground to me. Some place where I can experiment with new techniques and learn something new.

I was interested in animation for a long time. Also I was curious about combining my visual output with my music. Early in 2021 I started to experiment with building my own tape loops so I had the idea of using one of the tape loop recordings and do a frame by frame animation inspired by the wobbly magnetic tape inside the cassette. The result was "Dogs and Tulip fields" – my first NFT. Since I liked the idea of not only getting a digital artwork, the person buying the NFT also got the original sound loop on an audio tape as an additional collectors item.

"Inside folds" is my second NFT – another frame by frame by frame animation on the basis of rotoscoping. It is available on foundation.