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3c screen print



edition of 50

We arrived at the old farmhouse when it was already dark. The next morning I got up before everyone else and took a walk through the garden and sat by the pool. I could feel the sunbeams on my face and realized how quiet it was. Just fields and woods wherever I looked. Thats not entirely true, but almost. When I looked up there was this cloud that looked like a brushstroke on the clear blue sky. That was a beautiful moment. Overall, I was very positively surprised of how well we all got along. I loved hanging out with the other artists and hear their stories. We all bonded very quickly.

On the first evening we joined a walking tour to hear the deer roar, and as we walked into the woods to find the deer, I connected especially with Andy. We were walking next to each other in the pitch black woods and we didn’t talk because we did not want to scare off the deer. Suddenly we heard some branches cracking right next to us and instinctively I grabbed in his direction and I could feel his hands grabbing me at the exact same moment. We had quite a laugh about it the following days, and even to this day it makes me laugh. We continued walking and everyone tried to be as quiet as possible when we arrived at a clearance in the middle of the woods. Suddenly we heard the roaring deer across the fields. The sound in this starry night made quite an impression on me.

My work is often inspired by objects I find in everyday life. When I am traveling it always seems like an exploration because I am surrounded by things I have never seen before. I take lots of pictures to form an archive I can draw from back in my studio. I often work on a composition having a center piece. For the print I wanted to challenge myself showing a lot of things that inspired me on the trip on one page. It took me quite some time until I felt that the composition had a good balance and in the end I am very happy with the result.

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