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At the beginning of 2021 – after one year of uncertainty and lockdowns – I realized that the whole pandemic situation is messing with my head. I started to experience panic attacks and I had more and more days where I did not feel well. On some days I would get angry very quickly. For nothing.
So I began to even more focus on the little things in life that bring me joy. Little things that kept me sane. Like staring on striped fabrics. Making a good cappuccino. Hearing the calming sound of the soap hitting the sink in my bathroom. Painting dots. Thinking of being on the beach listening to the noise of the waves coming in while elephants would float above me like clouds.

With "Samples of Sanity" I created a new body of work where I processed the past two years showing those little things but also moments of anxiety. It is my first multidisciplinary series consisting of small and large scale paintings and a 42 minute soundtrack. In the latter I used a variety of self recorded sounds and composed a loopable track.

"Samples of Sanity" was the opening show of Galerie Hilger's new exhibtion space Galerie Hilger Ballgasse (Ballgasse 1, 1010 Vienna). MaMarch 3rd – April 16th, 2022.

March — April 2022
Galerie Hilger Ballgasse
Frontal Images & Installation Shots
Katharina Stögmüller